5 ways to attract more readers to your blog

Business blogs are the ultimate tool to have at your disposal in your digital marketing arsenal – not only do they drive traffic to your website, they are also an excellent channel to build your brand’s reputation as an industry thought leader, they help to funnel potential visitors into the key conversion points on your website, and at the end of the day, transform those visitors into tangible sales. It stands to reason then, that the more visitors who read your blog, the more sales you will generate. Here are our top tips on attracting more readers to your business blog:

  1. Spend time defining your target audience before you begin: The best thing you can do for your business blog before you start writing is to sit down and outline who you want to read your posts. For example, if you own an ecommerce factory outlet business and your target audience is Gen Y males who want to buy cheap gadgets from overseas, then it stands to reason your business blog topics will differ completely to say, an up-market technology store which sells luxury items to older, cashed up men. Similarly, your target audience will determine the style and tone of your writing. The tighter, more distinctly drawn picture you can conjure up of your key audience (or audiences), the more relevant your topics will be, and the more likely you will attract regular subscribers (and shares!) to your business blog.
  2. Write your content in an easy-to-digest format: In a world where data is a commodity and information is found at the click of a button there comes a down side – studies show that the internet is conditioning us to consume textual information in short, easily-digestible ‘info-bytes’ instead of the more traditional blocks of long-winded writing. Help your readers to find the information that is key to them by breaking up your blog posts into lists, dot points and smaller paragraphs which are sub-headed in bold. Not only are blogs written in this format easier to read, they are also more visually appealing to your visitors, and attract higher social media shares.
  3. Offer an RSS feed or blog subscription form: Highly engaged readers need to have a reason to re-visit your blog to read new articles, so providing an RSS feed which alerts them when new articles are available or offering a blog subscription service can be an excellent way of generating return traffic to your website. These can be easily (and freely!) created by using an RSS service such as feedburner or for email subscriptions, mailchimp.
  4. Publish on social media: Many businesses are choosing to build a social media presence these days (which is great) however, often they jump on the bandwagon without understanding where the social media ROI can be garnered from. One of the best ways to justify your time spent on these channels is to funnel traffic from social pages back to your website by publishing the links to your latest blog posts. Equally, mediums such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn can be a great source of ideas for future blog post articles – for example, you could poll your social audiences on the types of topics they want to hear more about, or scan the comments you have received on your status updates for frequently asked questions that can be turned into informative business blog articles.
  5. Get your articles indexed by Google: Despite the roaring debate on keyword density since Google’s Panda algorithm update, search engine optimisation should still be a key focus in any content you are producing for your website. By optimising your blog posts with keywords and keyphrases you would like to rank organically for, you will give your blog a higher chance of turning up in search engine results well after your articles have been written. Stumped on how to get started? Read our article on how to choose keywords to optimise for.

No matter what, always remember the bloggers golden rule: content is king! Put yourself in your readers shoes when you are reading over your articles before they are published – if you start yawning, it’s probably a good indication of how potential readers will feel while reading your articles too! Try to connect with your audience, and provide a resource which is valuable, interesting and easy to read and you’ll be attracting crowds of traffic in no time flat!

How did we go? Did you like our tips on how to attract more readers to your business blogs? Do you have some clever ways of attracting readership too that you’d like to share with us too?

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